Since breaking into the national consciousness over ten years ago, the Kardashian family have amassed great wealth and fame, thanks to the success of their tv shows, perfumes, clothing ranges and other range of money making operations. here sifts through some of the mansions, that the Kardashians own.

1.Kris Jenners Calabasas Mansion







2. The Khloe And Kourtney Miami Penthouse

3. Kim And Kanye's $20 Million LA Mansion

4. Khloe Kardashian's Calabasas Mansion

5. The Kourtney Kardashian Mansion



























Kim Kardashian Ring - The 5 Best Pics

Mon 21 November 2016 by Brian Reed

Following the multi-million pound robbery that Kim Kardashian experienced in October 2016, many people have specualated on whether Kim Kardashian collect of expensive rings were also stolen. Many have said that because of the security risks, members of the Kardashian Family are likely from now on to avoid wearing expensive jewellery. So kimmie money presents the 5 best pics of the rings worn by Kim Kardashian over the past couple of years.

1. 20 Carat Stunner.













First seen at the 2016 VMA's. A gift from husband Kanye West.

2. Looking Blue

The same ring as picture 1, but eminating a blueish hue.

3. The Cursed Ring

A 19.81 carat ring given to Kardashian by her husband of 72 days Kris Humphreys.

4. The Engagement Ring

a $1.6 million 15 carat engagement ring given to Kardashian to celebrate their 2013


5. Another Gift From Kanye

A somewhat un-orthodox designed ring. First seen in 2013.

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The 5 Best Kardashian Money Gifs

Mon 07 November 2016 by Brian Reed

1.The Money Fan

2. The Rain Dance

3. Cash Blanket

4.Bentley Etiquette

5.Enough Said

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Why Are The Kardashians Rich?

Mon 31 October 2016 by Brian Reed

Americans first family of showbizness have made a skill of out generating as much cash as possible, from various means such as: V shows, clothing lines, perfumes, tanning products, apps, novels, video games, just to name few.


But How And Why Are They Rich?

From Huffington Post:

According to the Trust Advisor, their father, Robert Kardashian, left his wife and kids a rumored $100 million estate in trust when he passed away from esophageal cancer in 2003. And while Kris Jenner is often accused of exploiting her family in the name of her 10 percent cut as their manager, it’s not exactly as if she has ever been hard up for cash since Bruce Jenner is reportedly worth $100 million on his own.

And with this enormous wealth, the Kardashian-Jenner family has gone on to make even more money. In fact in 2011, a rep for their lifestyle brands told Women’s Wear Daily, “the Kardashians could easily be a billion-dollar business worldwide in the next two years.”

While it’s impossible to know exactly how much the family is worth, Trust Advisor puts the Kardashian collective net worth at around $80 million. While that number seems a little low given that Kim herself is estimated to be worth $40 million alone, they also like to live large.


Where The Kardashians Money Comes From

Product Amount
Keeping Up With The Kardashians $10 million per year
Perfumes $50 million per year
Kim Kardashian Personal Appearances $100,000 per appearance
Clothing Line and Dash Stores $1.5 million per year
Exclusive News Stories $150,000 to $1.5 million per year
Sponsored Tweets $10,000 per tweet
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